Learning patience

Learning patience in the midst of turmoil!LEGIT patience

I asked God a specific question when I was to become a mother.  I asked God to give me patience.  One thing I have learned from this question was that He didn’t just give it to me, He allowed me to learn it!  I have certainly learned to look over the little stuff (most of the time) and focus on being an example of patience to my children.  Sometimes I actually manage it and I am happy about this.  Other times, life is so frantic I snap an answer or raise my voice and I am unhappy with myself.  Thankfully, God loves me and like any good father, he has a knowing smile on His face when I make mistakes, and he forgives me when I repent.

To help me in this quest for being a patient mother I have found it useful to relax at various times, either throughout the day or throughout the week.  It allows me to regain perspective, to rest and to refocus.  What is classed as a relaxing activity is different for everybody.  I used to think that going for a jog was not relaxing, however I have now found that a half an hour jog 3 mornings a week makes me feel happy and relaxed.  I have also found missing these does not help at all!  I also love to learn and I thoroughly enjoy switching off from home duties two nights a week to study at university. Never think it selfish to take some time out for yourself. Not only are you doing your health and emotions good by finding refreshment, you will also be benefiting your children. When you are more relaxed, and your energy tank is full, you will naturally be more patient with everyone around you. It is important to make time for yourself – pencil in some ‘you time’ on your calendar and stick to it! You and your children will be glad you did.

Have you struggled with learning patience?  If so, how have you learned to overcome this?

What do you find are relaxing activities?  What helps you to refocus or rejig a bad day?

See you next week, Meagan

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