Keeping up with Baby Record Books

How do you go keeping your baby record books updated?

Welcome back!Meagan

If your baby record book is still empty or at best, includes baby’s first month, you are not alone. If you had plans tojournal or blog this exciting journey, you are not the only mum with this on the to- do list. My baby record books look so lovely on the shelf!

In this cyber-age I am sure you have seen and read many baby websites, books and blogs. I have been reading baby blogs, searching the web and devouring parenting books for almost 10 years. Not to mention sifting through mountains of well-intentioned advice over the same period. I admire those who can write while their belly grows and even more, those that can continue when their belly is back to normal or their toddler (or teen) is demanding assistance. I, on the other hand, have taken all of the baby-producing years to think, ponder, pray, whinge, cry, learn and laugh with my husband, friends, and family. I did write a couple of important events down in the baby record books, however, I may have been a day or two out with dates for exciting events such as getting a first tooth! Every year or so, I write an ‘in-case-I-die-early’ letter to my children so they will know my values and how much I loved my precious offspring if I die before I’m old.

For those that have been blogging, scrapping or journaling I say well done. It will be a great record in the years to come of the daily activities, dates and thoughts throughout the foundational years and beyond. I admire you for not procrastinating! For those who have been hit-and-miss, like me, remember this. Whatever you have recorded will be valued by at least one of your children. Many of our children will not care much for them until they have their own children and anything you have kept will be appreciated. If you haven’t been good at keeping records I encourage you to keep something or start writing simple anecdotes periodically. It won’t matter if it is retrospectively or in the photo album. If you are like me it is probably on your to-do list so won’t it feel good to mark it off!
Until next week, Meagan

2 thoughts on “Keeping up with Baby Record Books”

  1. Hi Meags, so glad I’m not the only one that forgets to fill in these books!! I did get a journal for each child that I intended to right funny moments etc in, as they happen – again, not doing well at keeping it up to date. However, at least they are there to write things in as I remember them 🙂

    1. The record books do look lovely when they are complete – we should make that our aim for 2013!
      Now should I ask you about photos? I have been pretty disorganised with them too!

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