Hospital Gowns – 5 considerations before you make a purchase

Hospital gowns seem like a relatively simple idea. However, there are a few considerations that may be worth thinking about before you purchase a gown for your next hospital stay.

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1. Coverage

When considering a hospital gown brand, it is worth remembering that the number one reason people choose to purchase their ownhospital gowns gown, is because of the embarrassing exposure often resulting from wearing hospital provided gowns.

Coverage areas worth considering include:

  • The length of the gown
  • The height of the gown at the back and at the front. Some gowns have quite low necklines which may be unsuitable for some people. In hospital, you don’t want to be wearing a singlet or cami underneath your gown, so be mindful of the neckline style and cut.
  • The sleeve length and tightness. Depending on the design and fabric of some gowns, the arm sleeves may be looser or tighter, or longer.

2. Material

Currently available hospital gowns come in a multitude of colours and many types of fabrics. While the most common fabric composition is 100% cotton, there are also organic cotton, bamboo, and other fabric blends available. Depending on a patients allergies, length of stay, or desired comfort, this may be worth considering.

3. Other uses

If you are only planning on using your hospital gown for a short stay, or if the purpose is purely for hospital use, then a more traditionally designed and often more affordable style of hospital gown may be most suitable. If you are pregnant, you may wish to consider brands of gowns that can be used not only while in hospital, but also as a maternity dress or postpartum breastfeeding nightie.

4. Purpose of stay

Depending on the reason for your hospital stay, the type of access the doctors may require could be different. While the majority of gownies hospital gown backhospital gown designs offer excellent access for doctors and nurses, through the back, arms, and front, some brands are wrap designs, which may restrict the ease of access to the back. Consider what the medical staff are most likely going to be checking and ensure that the gown you select will allow this, without compromising modesty.

5. Budget

With the increasing number of available hospital gown brands and styles, there is also a lot of scope for choosing a gown that most suits your budget. If you plan on wearing your gown for more than just a hospital stay, it may be worth paying more and purchasing one of the more ‘dress like’ brands. If your needs are restricted purely to hospital use, or if you are likely to need more than one (due to an extended hospital stay), then the cheaper versions may be more suitable.

At the end of the day, all the brands help to maintain a patient’s modesty, while not interfering with the needs of the hospital staff. With the above points in mind, you can now browse our range of hospital gowns and find the brand that is most suited to your particular needs. Brands include Designer mamas, Gownies, Womama, and Pretty Pushers.


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