History of Belly Wrapping – how it all got started

Vespa and the Ladybird belly wrap wear

Post pregnancy belly binding has been present in traditional cultures for centuries and it is only in recent years that Western women are discovering theamazing benefits of this eastern practice. It has been common practice for Japanese mothers to use their ‘Sarashi’ to assist with faster weight loss and toning of their abdominal muscles post birth. Hispanic mothers believe that their ‘faja’ does the same thing. Whatever you choose to call it, this form ofpost pregnancy belly wrapping has been used by women in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Latin America, Singapore, and Spain just to name a few countries. It is no wonder that so many western women are now jumping at the chance to start some form of abdominal compression post birth.

Traditionally, mothers have used a long piece of fabric, which has been wrapped round and round the belly in order to wrap it up and provide compression to the abdominal area. In practical terms, this can prove hot, fiddly, bulky, and uncomfortable. With the new wave of modern belly wraps available on the market, companies such as Belly Bandit and the Cinch Belly Wrap have addressed these issues – creating belly wraps that are functional, comfortable, and more discreet under clothing than the belly wraps of history.

It is good to think for a moment about weight lifters and construction workers who perform their tasks with the aid of support belts to stabilise their back, core, and legs. Yet women, who have just given birth and are at their physically weakest point are expected to carry and lift car seats, strollers, and children with no extra support at all.

There are many benefits to using a postpartum belly wrap. Abdominal binding can help warm and close the open stomach and birth canal. It is also very beneficial to wear a belly binder to help promote good posture while breastfeeding, to help shape the stomach muscles back together, to reposition the womb, and to assist in the elimination of stretch marks. A tummy wrap provides gentle compression to the abdominal muscles which helps the uterus shrink to its normal size more quickly. In summary the main benefits of Belly wrapping are:

  • Assists the uterus in contracting back to its original size more quickly
  • Gives you a little reminder each day about your ‘getting back into shape’ goal
  • Gives great support to your back and abdominal muscles, which are often very weak post birth.
  • Helps keep your abdomen firm and tight
  • Will help you to maintain good posture
  • Provides warmth to the abdominal area
  • Is especially enjoyed by women post c-section as it provides support to the abdomen post surgery and it beneficial since you cannot exercise for the initial 3 months post surgery.
  • In some cases, can assist in reducing stretch marks

It is important to note that while there are many excellent benefits of wearing a postpartum belly wrap. Wearing a wrap will not give you a six pack. It helps compress your muscles and reduce the size of your mummy tummy – however, truly firm abs can only be obtained through a good work out programme.