A case of the giggles!

Ever had a moment when your kids just can’t stop giggling?

Welcome back to another busy week!  I hope you are enjoying reading about my ideas and I trust that they are encouraging to you.

Today I am going to talk about a serious topic – giggling!  Lately my children have had a bit of the giggles at the teachildren giggling table, when getting ready for school, when eating tea and even when going to the bathroom!  It is a bit of a tricky situation as I find it hard not to giggle with them on some occasions.  So I want to know your thoughts on the best strategies to help my children get self-control without looking and/ or sounding like the Grinch!?  I’m sure you remember what it is like – someone is being funny and then over steps the line and everyone laughs.  The culprit does the underhanded half-cough and everyone is giggling again.  Of course the obvious thing is to remove the offender and sometimes this works.  The other is to direct the attention elsewhere such as doing a house chore or getting the mail.  This can be hard when you have the giggles or if you are feeling frustrated.  I wonder if you have other suggestions?

Laughter is such an important part of our day, and I am sure you sometimes feel you are not doing enough of it.  I sometimes can hear myself and I don’t sound very happy.  What can you do to increase self-control in your children but keep the laughter too?

Happy times, Meagan

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