Get to know our new regular blog contributor – Meagan

Meagan will be regularly adding her thoughts, parental learnings, and stories to the Duesoon Blog – We hope you enjoy getting to know her a bit better in this introductory post!


It is with excitement and a little apprehension I introduce myself as the writer of the blog on this very exciting new website.   I am motivated to share with you to encourage you in the busy time of bringing up children.   There are many challenges in life but none travel at such a relentless pace as being a mother;  year after year, day after day and sometimes, minute after minute.  Who knew a lone trip to the bathroom could be so soul-reviving!

In everyday conversations I find it hard to introduce myself without mentioning my marital status and my four gorgeous children!  I know there are other parts of me but these are the two most important roles I will ever play.  I am mother to four beautiful children and wife to Stephen.  My eldest daughter, Zoe, almost ten, challenges my patience almost daily with her quick-thinking mixed with day-dreaming yet makes me proud with her desire to learn.  Amy is eight years old and has so much common sense, coupled with a strong will.  In years to come she will rival me for housekeeping, although I should be honest here and admit that many people could successfully keep house better than me!   Mia is next and, at the age of six, whilst she struggles with anxiety about animals, she has shown determination to overcome this fear.  We were blessed to increase the male to female ratio with little Jobe now four.  He is a cheeky little man who is able to sit quietly but prefers rough and tumble with his Daddy.

I look forward to sharing with you on a range of topics.  I trust it will encourage you to start afresh after ‘one of those days’ or guide you back to a realisation that your ‘Mummy’ role is fundamental and valued.   I hope to share wisdom gained from the Bible, amazing women who have gone before us, and some of my own failures or successes.

Until next week, Meags


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