Emergency Caesarean

“An Emergency Caesarean” – my birth story

Welcome back!Meagan

I would like to share my most exciting birth story; baby number one and an emergency caesarean.  I hadn’t really considered that I might have an emergency caesarean, and although it was exhausting, I can tell you there was a shorter time of recovery than I expected.  If you haven’t had your birth experience yet, remember that in 2005 there were 259,800 births and out of these only 29% of woman gave birth by caesarean section.*

After twenty hours of labour I had the feeling that something wasn’t right.  Just after midnight the doctor checked and Zoe’s heart rate had dropped so, within fifteen minutes we were in the theatre for an emergency C-section.  These procedures occur under general anaesthetic and involve a cut just above the pubic bone.  Only five minutes after being wheeled in, Zoe was wheeled out and Stephen was watching his baby girl have her first weigh-in.  I had to ask the midwife in recovery our baby’s name about four times as I couldn’t remember and I took a while to fully wake up.  Interestingly, the initial emotion was relief.  I wanted to feel joy and happiness but I was too sore and tired at that time.  In the morning after some breakfast I still felt sore and tired but now I felt excited – I could begin to get to know our little girl.

I was concerned that after an emergency caesarean I would not enjoy my baby as much.  Although I needed support for about three weeks to manage housework, I felt little pain with body movement after this time.  I needed to use a feeding pillow and not being able to drive was frustrating, however, it didn’t detract from the joy of being a first-time mum.  I did feel a little ‘stuck’ at home but it was great when Stephen could take me for a drive or a coffee, decaffeinated of course.  There is a small scar where I have had four caesareans but I don’t even notice it.  It wasn’t a pleasant experience, however, it was short-lived in the grand scheme of things, and it did not take long to recover to full health.  If you are facing this experience right now please give your body time to heal as it is a major operation.  I am sure you, like me, will enjoy your baby just as much as anybody else, even if your tummy hurts a little when you need to stand up or sit down.

See you next week, Meagan


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