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I am about to get back into the weekly routine after having had two weeks at home with my children.  What a blessing!  (although a busy time nonetheless!)  I involved the children in planning some of the household chores, and we have a had a revolution in our home!  If you are a new mum you may wonder how this may be relevant to you, but, as they say, they grow up so quickly and before you know it this will apply to you! Today, I am going to share a little part of the journey to this point. Then, next week, I will share an outline of what it now looks like in my home.  I may also add another blog later on to let you know if it was sustainable!

So far, in the area of completing tasks at home and picking up after themselves, my children have always done very well with reminders or rewards.  They are extremely capable, however, it worried me that when I wasn’t around they would not think or know how to step in and help.  It meant that I would go out, come home, and sometimes feel as if I might as well have stayed home!  Now I don’t want to sound like a martyr (although I think we all have a little bit of that in us!) but it did seem unfair.  I have been learning that I can only control my own actions, so I thought about what was happening, and then made some changes from my end.  The first step I took was to take all the chores off the children, particularly our eldest as she has a lot on her plate at this time.  My plan was to allow them to have a rest from the routine and to do a chore when asked only.  The first day of the new routine my eldest came and just started hanging out washing with me!  I was pretty excited, and more excited when it happened in other areas of the home over the next two days as well.  The other area I struggled with was feeling like there was always something to do.  I have found a great website to assist with this. It’s called FLY lady I recommend you take a look around this site as soon as possible!

Seasons and lifestyle change a lot over the years of child-rearing.  I am a big believer in going along with this and I try to be sensitive to where the children are developmentally and also in their personal journey.  I am also a firm believer in everyone in the home stepping in, including my wonderful husband.  Husbands can only step in if they are there and as we try to work between 6 and 6 and he works between 7 and 6, it often seems as if he doesn’t need to do any chores, but he certainly does if he is home.  However you arrange this, it is important that you communicate any changes and expectations about the home to your husband too.

Next week I will put some more detail in for you, but I encourage you to look at your own housekeeping.  Can you make changes that will free you up at all?  Can you share the work load?  Can you train your children in an area of housekeeping?  Can you avoid feeling like a martyr?  Can you demonstrate adaptability and flexibility?

Until next week, happy housekeeping,




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