Getting on top of your daily tasks – part 2

I am so pleased to be writing this blog for you this week!  The new home management program worked for my family and I hope theremanaging your daily tasks will be principals that you can apply to your own circumstances.  The benefits are that on a cold Saturday afternoon I feel able to sit, enjoy a cuppa and write this, safe in the knowledge that I am fairly organised.  I am not on top of everything, neither will I be anytime soon with a family of 6 and full time paid work, yet I have been able to relax and it is not just a state of mind, although this helps.  Before I outline the steps I have taken, can I say that every stage of life is different and with a variety of expectations on you this may not be the time to make a change in your routines.  Our routines had become controlling – they controlled our time at home and controlled when we could have guests.  My goal was to overcome this situation.

First I used the flylady website to assist me to build morning, arriving home and bedtime routines.  I have hand-written these for the children (in pictures for young Jobe).  I introduced the routines one day at a time, adding one more section each day until we had them in place.  I redirected them to the list and encouraged them to focus on enjoying time together, serving God and each other and to play and do other things.  I also got new batteries for the Wii as an incentive.   I then asked the older two to come up with a routine for Sunday night which they did.

Alongside this I used the zone principal of dividing the house into zones and doing one fifteen minute activity in various parts of the zone each day.  It worked on some work days this week however there were some afternoons when I missed the job.  I will fine tune this as I go.

I recommend having a look at your system if it is not serving its purpose, if it is making more work than necessary or if it is detrimental to your relationships.  I will be taking a break from writing so, thanks for reading and bless you all in serving your families.

Meagan Smith



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