Caring for your compression hosiery

Extend the life of your maternity graduated compression hosiery with these useful care tips.

Gabrialla maternity compression stockingsIf you are suffering from fluid retention, swelling, or varicose veins during your pregnancy, it is more than likely that you will end up purchasing some form of maternity graduated compression hosiery. Graduated compression stockings will make a big difference to the above pregnancy complaints, however, given that they are quite a bit more expensive than your regular brands of hosiery, it is useful to know a few tips that will help you care for and get maximum life out of your new purchase.

As a general rule, all graduated compression hosiery will be made of a thicker fabric than regular hosiery. Even the Gabrialla sheer styles are a little thicker. This in itself makes them a little sturdier and more likely to last longer, however, following the below tips should help you maximize the life of your maternity compression stockings, reducing the chances of needing to purchase replacement ones.

Maternity Compression hosiery care tips:

  • When putting your compression stockings on; gather one leg right up to the toe. Place the toe of the stockings over your toes and then gently ease the rest of the stocking up your leg. DO NOT try and put your hosiery on by putting your foot in through the top and pulling them on like a pair of jeans. Alternatively, you can try using a stocking aid.
  • Remove any rings or jewellery that may catch on the hosiery, before putting your stockings on.
  • Make sure your toe nails are not long (as this is more likely to result in holes in the toes of your hosiery)
  • If you are wearing a maternity support belt or any other item that has velcro along with your compression hosiery, be VERY careful that the hook part of the velcro does not come into contact with your stockings. Velcro catches very easily on hosiery and will lead to fabric pulls and runs.
  • After toileting, or when wanting to readjust your stockings, DO NOT pull up from the top of the stockings. This places extra pressure on the gusset seams and is likely to cause a tear. Rather, try and gather some of the stocking behind your knee, and then gently ease up your thigh and into the groin and belly area.
  • Make sure you always have some form of footwear on, whether it be shoes or slippers, to help preserve the feet of your compression stockings.
  • Wash your maternity compression hosiery in a delicates bag to prevent them from catching or becoming entangled with other items of clothing in the wash.
  • If possible, wear your hosiery under jeans or trackpants. On days, that you don’t need to be wearing skirts and dresses, this will help protect them from runs, or rips that may occur due to rubbing against things etc.


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