The Breastvest and why we love it

Breastvest nursing singletBreastvest nursing singlet

We first began stocking the Breastvest just before the birth of my third child. After having put up with an exposed (and might I say – cold!!) midriff throughout my breastfeeding experience with my first two children, I was very eager to give the Breastvest a try. All I can say is – I wouldn’t breastfeed again without it. I didn’t need to purchase any special breastfeeding tops or bra and singlet combinations (that frankly would not have worked with my shape!). 

The Breastvest is nice and long, which meant my post baby tummy was always concealed. Because of the generous length, the top remained tucked into my jeans even when I sat down or bent over. The fabric feels lovely, and it can stretch to accommodate a constantly changing postnatal tummy. This generous sizing also means the Breastvest can be worn during pregnancy (however, I didn’t do this).

Because the Breastvest sits just under your bra line, there is absolutely no clue to onlookers that your singlet is any different to a regular one. This design also means that it will not affect the neckline of whatever top you may be wearing (ie, you won’t see it!) and it also means that you have free and easy access to your maternity bra clips when it comes time to breastfeed.

The only thing about this nursing top that I found a little frustrating, was that the shoulder straps did tend to fall off my shoulders. I do have narrow shoulders, so this is normally an issue with most bras for me. I did however manage to solve this issue. I simply placed the straps underneath my bra strap and they comfortably stayed put all day. The Breastvest is available in white or black, and in a variety of sizes. I would highly recommend this as a baby shower or new baby gift, as it will be very useful to any breastfeeding mum.

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