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Breastfeeding your baby in public can be a daunting prospect – yet you don’t want to be stuck at home so as to avoid such a situation. A new baby may decide to feed at any time (they don’t always respect our schedules), and unfortunately there are not always parenting rooms within easy access to your location. You may find that your only alternatives for feeding your baby include:

  • sitting in the car
  • using a public parenting room or toilet (not an appealing thought), or
  • risking the prying eyes of the public if in an open setting.

Seeing a mother breastfeeding her baby can also cause awkwardness among people passing by. Bystanders may not know where to look (especially men), or may get a shock when they glance in your direction and see what you are doing. There are also many members of the public who don’t think it is proper etiquette for a woman to feed her baby in public – and all debates about this issue aside – it is still a reality to be faced.

To help bring down these barriers, the concept of a breastfeeding cover was created. Many clever mums came up with different styles of nursing covers to help mothers feed their babies in public, without prying eyes being able to see what is going on. In other words mums can now feed whenever and wherever a baby decides to be hungry, and can do so confidently and in privacy.

Breastfeeding covers – Australia is now realising the benefits of these great products

The use of a Breastfeeding cover is pretty commonplace in the US and Canada. It is only recently however, that Australian mums have started to recognize the benefits of these covers. A stylish and functional breastfeeding cover is now becoming an essential nappy bag item or new mum gift.

Breastfeeding covers – Australia is home to some great brands

Some popular Australian brands of nursing covers include The Breastfeeding Blanket – a full wrap around style cover that comes in a UV Waffle, lovely Feminine Pink Knit, and Lightweight Cotton.

The Mama y bebe range has produced a similar product to that of the well know Bebe au lait and Hooter Hider range, although at a more competitive price.

While more and more brands are popping up all around the country and the world, we have tried to pick the best breastfeeding covers on offer, so as to give you a great selection of styles and features – depending on your needs and budget. Breastfeeding covers also make an excellent baby shower present idea. If you have any questions regarding any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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