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Birthing gowns are becoming an increasingly important addition to a pregnant mums hospital bag. One of the main reasons birthing gowns were invented was to allow mums to labour more comfortably, and to feel more stylish for the duration of what is – lets face it – a fairly un dignifying time.

Birthing gowns vs Standard hospital gowns

Traditionally, when entering the labour ward, the expectant mum has been handed a standard issue hospital gown. While she can normally avoid wearing this for the pre-labour stage, once the contractions start heating up, there is a very strong chance that she will be instructed to change into the hospital gown, so as to ensure the midwives and doctors can easily attach monitoring equipment and administer pain relief etc. Now, this doesn’t seem too unreasonable, until she starts moving around in the gown, only to find that it has been so over starched that the comfort it offers is quite minimal. She may then decide to take a walk up and down the corridors so as to speed up the labour process, but doesn’t realize until half way down the hall that the few ties on the back of the gown are hardly enough to stop anyone walking behind her from having a lovely view of her back and bottom!  Once all this is done, she finally gets to the point where she can welcome her new baby into the world. The birth of a baby is one of the most joyous moments in a woman’s life, yet, the first photos taken with this new member of the family, normally show mum (who already looks pretty bedraggled) in an old, oversized, and to be honest, pretty unappealing hospital gown. Well this is no longer a problem. Thanks to the inventive brains of several mums around the globe, pregnant mothers now have the option of adding a stylish, practical, modest, affordable, and most of all comfortable birthing gown to their hospital bag. You can also rest assured that the midwives and doctors should give the gown a thumbs up, as nearly all birthing gowns have been designed to ensure caregivers have easy access to wherever needed, without any unnecessary exposure or embarrassment on the part of the mother.

Birthing gowns allow mums to feel good and look great during the momentous occasion called childbirth!

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