Best belly wrap for post caesarean

Best belly wrap for post caesarean section (c-section)? We provide our top recommendations

BFF Belly Bandit

We are often asked which belly wrap we recommend for mothers who will be having a caesarean birth. As with anything of a medical nature, we always ask that you first check with your doctor or health care provider before wearing a post pregnancy belly wrap. This is to ensure you have not had any complications etc that may mean you can’t wear one, or need to wait a little while before wearing one.

While all of the belly wraps are suitable for post caesarean. Some brands definitely have advantages over others, and will be more comfortable when used in the case of a C-section. Our top recommendations include:

  • BFF Belly Bandit
  • Cinch belly wrap (either Couture or Signature)
  • Bamboo Belly Bandit or Vespa Plush wrap

The below reviews only focus on the points that make these belly wraps good caesarean options. For more detailed reviews of these brands in comparison to all the post pregnancy belly wraps we stock, please visit our Belly Wrap Review Page.

BFF Belly Bandit as a post caesarean belly wrap

Unlike the standard Belly Bandit range, the BFF Belly Bandit has been designed in such a way as to contour to a women’s individual body shape. This coupled with the fact that they have made it a little narrower (between bust and hips), make this a much more comfortable belly wrap for long term wear.

The BFF is also made of a super soft, natural fabric blend. This Promodal fabric is moisture wicking and the smooth fiber structure helps reduce the chances of skin irritations, and best of all, helps reduce bacteria growth (obviously beneficial when covering C-section wound).

Learn more about the BFF Belly Bandit.

The Cinch Couture or Signature as a post caesarean belly wrap

The Cinch range offers excellent support and adjustability. They are also probably the most comfortable of the Belly Wrap range, which is important for long term wear. They are not covered in any special fabric, however the front panels are soft and should not cause irritation to a caesarean scar. The Cinch’s are also made of a breathable fabric which helps assist moisture management.

Learn more about the Couture Cinch or Signature Cinch.

Bamboo Belly Bandit and Vespa Plush Wraps as post caesarean belly wraps

These are not the most comfortable wraps to wear, however, they are covered in a super soft bamboo fabric. Bamboo is a naturally moisture wicking and anti-microbial fabric, which means the potential of bacteria growth and infection are reduced. Being so soft, also helps avoid possible skin irritation.

Learn more about the Bamboo Belly Bandit or Vespa Plush Wrap (This brand is now no longer manufactured)


If you have any more questions regarding which belly wrap is best for post caesarean, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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