Belly Wrap help – why it’s a new mum’s post pregnancy must have!

Belly Wrap information and considerations – what you need to know! Having a belly wrap in your hospital bag is becoming the new ‘must do’. But what started this post pregnancy belly wrapping phenomenon, and does it really help a new mum return to her pre-pregnancy body shape quicker?

post pregnancy belly wraps & Belly Bandit



Belly Wrap History

Wearing a post pregnancy belly wrap is not a new concept. Many women have worn some form of postpartum wrap in the BFF Belly Bandit in usecenturies past. The traditional way of wrapping the post baby belly was to get a long piece of fabric and wrap it around the woman’s mid-section multiple times, so as to compress her freshly torn stomach muscles.

In 2009 Belly Bandit introduced this ancient technique to modern mums in the US, and eventually around the world. They designed a belly wrap that could be easily worn and adjusted, so as to assist a postpartum mum in shrinking her post birth ‘mummy tummy’. Needless to say, this post birth recovery concept was loved by mum’s around the world, and founded this new era of Belly Wrapping.

Post Pregnancy Belly Wrap Brands

Since the Belly Bandit’s release, many other brands have entered the market and all work towards helping reduce the post-birth recovery time. One of the more popular brands includes the Cinch Tummy Wrap. While many of the Belly Wrap brands have essentially just copied the Original Belly Bandit design, a select few have created different products that may have different features and benefits. This product diversity has been very beneficial to Australian mum’s, since not every body shape is the same. With a selection of different post pregnancy belly wrap styles, a mother can now select a wrap that will meet her particular needs, in the areas of comfort, adjustability, visibility under clothing, and of course – price.

How a Belly Wrap works and choosing the right one

Couture Cinch belly wrap

As your uterus expands during pregnancy, this increasing forward force usually causes the linea alba (connective tissue between your abdominal muscles) to stretch and/or tear. Once you have had your baby, you are left with a large split between your tummy muscles, which is the cause of the dreaded post pregnancy ‘mummy tummy’. The purpose of wearing a belly wrap is to compress these freshly torn stomach muscles, by drawing them back towards the spine, therefore reducing the size of the gap/tear.

If you choose to wear a belly wrap very soon after the arrival of your baby, in most cases, you will find that you can fit back into your post pregnancy jeans within 6-8 weeks post birth – rather than the many months it may take normally.

Things that are worth considering before purchasing a belly wrap include:

  • How obvious will the wrap be under the type of clothing you wear?
  • Will the style and size ensure you get maximum shrinking potential?
  • How comfortable is it to wear in your daily activities (especially worth considering if you are short or long in the torso)?
  • How much you are prepared to pay (remembering that you can wear it for subsequent pregnancies)?

To help you determine the best belly wrap to put in your hospital bag, we have established a thorough (yet not ridiculous) range of post partum belly wraps to meet your individual needs as well as a detailed belly wrap review page. If you have any questions about the best belly wrap for you, sizing advice, or how to correctly wear your belly wrap, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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