Post Pregnancy Belly Wrap sizing video – helping you choose the right size the first time.

When choosing a post pregnancy belly wrap, whether it’s the Belly Bandit, Cinch Tummy Wrap, or any other wrap, it’s important that you purchase the correct size. There are 3 times throughout your pregnancy that you can size your post partum wrap. You can do it:

–       Early in your pregnancy

–       In your 8th month (recommended)

–       Towards the very end of your pregnancy

Ideally, we recommend that you measure in your eighth month, or when you are 32-36 weeks pregnant. This is the most accurate measurement, as this does tend to be the size that you will be immediately post birth.

Belly Wrap sizing in your 8th month

All you need to do once you are 32-36 weeks, is to get a tape measure or a piece of string that will fit around your belly. Measure around your stomach, over the top of your belly button. Once you have your measurement, choose the wrap that matches that size.

Belly Wrap sizing early in your pregnancy

If you want to purchase a belly wrap early in your pregnancy, most companies suggest you purchase a wrap that is 1-2 sizes larger than your normal pre-pregnancy size. Our recommendation is to wait until your eighth month.  You cannot wear a belly wrap while you are pregnant, so there is no point in purchasing your post pregnancy belly wrap, only to have it left sitting in your cupboard for the majority of your pregnancy.

Belly Wrap sizing at the end of your pregnancy

If you are after your eighth month, towards the end of your pregnancy, all you need to do is to take the measurement around your belly button and then subtract 8-12 cm’s. So, if you are in your 37th week, take your measurement and then subtract 8cm’s. If you are in your 40th week, take your measurement and then subtract 12cm’s. For example, if you are 40 weeks pregnant, and when you measure around your belly button, you get a measurement of 112 cm’s, subtract 12cm’s, which leaves you with a measurement of 100 cm’s. Use this figure to determine the correct size belly wrap for your needs.

When you are on the borderline of sizes

One of the biggest mistakes people make is purchasing a wrap that is too big. They are borderline of sizes and they think that to be safe they will get the bigger one. DON’T DO THAT! If you are borderline of sizes (between 2-3 cm’s), choose the smaller size. Once you have had your baby and you start wearing your wrap, you will shrink quite significantly. So, if you only have 2-3 cm’s room in your wrap due to choosing the larger size, it will become too big for you within a couple of weeks or less, meaning that if you want to continue shrinking, you will need to purchase a second, smaller size. If however, you purchase the smaller size, it may not fit you for a week or two, however, this will not negatively affect the end results, but will ensure it fits you for as long as possible, and depending on the brand, should fit you right back to your pre-pregnancy size.



If you would like further assistance with sizing, or if you would like us to recommend the appropriate size belly wrap for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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