Belly Bandit Misconceptions Video

Belly Bandit Misconceptions Video – 5 things to keep in mind

With the recent emergence of the Belly Bandit & many other post pregnancy belly wraps, there have also arisen some common misconceptions about these great postnatal products!

Belly Bandit belly wrap Misconception #1 – They will give you a 6 pack or great abs!Bamboo_belly_bandit_web

The purpose of a belly wrap is to compress your torn stomach muscles post birth. They do this by drawing your muscles back towards your spine, therefore reducing the size of your Diastasis (the split between your stomach muscles). However, a belly wrap will not heal it completely. So, while a belly wrap like the Belly Bandit will definately help flatten your tummy, and reduce the swelling, bloating, and fluid that you have – they are not an automatic 6 pack creating product. If you are wanting to get great abs, you are better of investing your time in a specialised postnatal exercise programe like the Tupler Technique by Maternal Fitness.

Belly Bandit belly wrap Misconception #2 – it will burn fat

There is nothing magical about the Belly Bandit or any other brand of belly wrap. They WILL compress your post baby muscles & help flatten your tummy. However, they DO NOT burn fat & therefore shouldn’t be used as an alternative to proper diet & exercise.

Belly Bandit belly wrap Misconception #3 – they will make you SMALLER than your pre-pregnancy sizeBFF Belly Bandit

While wearing a post pregnancy belly wrap will definitely help you to get back to your pre-pregnancy size. Factors such as weight gain during your pregnancy, and body shape change (especially in your hips) etc. can affect how quick or dramatic your results are. While there is the chance you may end up smaller than you were pre-pregnancy – this is not something to count on. The aim of a belly wrap is to get you back to your original pre-pregnancy shape or size. Or back into your pre-pregnancy clothes.

Belly Bandit belly wrap misconception #4 – You must wear it immediately post birth

Many brands tell you that you must wear your belly wrap as soon as you have delivered your baby – often so that you have to purchase two sizes of belly wrap. While it is beneficial to wear a belly wrap as soon as you can post birth (and definitely within 4-6 weeks) – waiting a week or so after delivery, will not negatively affect the end results. Waiting this time will also give you a chance to fit into your wrap in the event you brought a smaller size (due to being borderline of sizes), and you may also find that you need a few days to recover, before wearing a belly wrap and compressing your muscles. The important thing is that you wear it when YOU feel comfortable to do so.

Belly Bandit belly wrap misconception #5 – a belly wrap will work even if worn MONTHS after your baby’s birth

The purpose of a belly wrap is to compress your freshly torn muscles. After 6-8 weeks, your tummy muscles start to set, and the only way to heal or reduce the size of the tear is through disciplined and specialised exercise (like the Tupler Technique). A wrap will support your muscles while you exercise, but the results will be much less dramatic than if you were to wear one in those first few weeks post delivery.

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