Belly Art Inkless print kit

Belly Art inkless print kit – a no mess way to create lasting memories

We are very excited to announce the arrival of our new Belly Art inkless print kit. This is one product I dearly wishBaby prints inkless print kit by Belly Art had been available when each of my three children were born. On their births, I was presented with a baby hand and footprint ink kit as well as a couple of plaster kits, however, all of these sat unused in my cupboards. Why? well as much as I wanted to preserve the tiny baby prints of each child, the thought of trying to either rub their hands or feet with ink, or worse still, dip their tiny feet into a tub of wet plaster, just never appealed to me. All I could think of was the mess and the struggle I would face trying to perform such a task on my own. Now, I did have good intentions to eventually do this with the help of my husband, but it just didn’t happened.

When I first discovered the Belly Art inkless print kit, I was so excited. No mess, no ink, no fuss! Really… it is that simple! Even though my three children are now much older, when the stock of this product arrived, the first thing I did was tear open one of these kits to see if it really was as good as it claimed. The results…WOW! I lined up my kids, wiped one foot with the special inkless wipe, stamped it on the paper, wiped it off with a cloth and voila. A nice, neat print, and no mess left to clean up. Even though the prints are hardly that of a newborn baby anymore, I still placed all the prints in a frame as a reminder of this time – better late than never!

inkless baby footprint kit

The Belly Art inkless print kit comes with 3 x A5 archival quality sheets of paper, the inkless wipe, and easy to follow instructions.The packaging doubles as a keepsake tin in which you can store your newly created prints, or, you can send your prints off to the creator of the kit and have other keepsakes printed (such as mugs, and key rings etc).

The inkless baby footprint kit (or hand print for that matter) is an excellent baby shower or new baby gift idea – and one I would have been very happy to have received! If your babies are no long quite so little, perhaps you can do as I have, and capture a moment of time now – before they get even bigger! For those of you who are happy to try casting, we also have a baby hand and feet casting kit available, or a belly cast kit for those of you who are feeling really adventurous. Happy printing!


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