Video Review of the Bebe au lait Breastfeeding Cover

In the below video you will find our Bebe au lait nursing cover review. Bebe au lait is the market leader of nursing covers and was actually one of the first brands of this type of product to be released. They come in quite a broad range of beautiful styles and colours so that any mum can select the style that best suits what she wears and the colours that she likes.

Bebe au lait nursing cover review

Bebe au lait nursing cover featuresBebe au lait nursing cover review

Please note: This is a review of the Cotton Bebe au lait nursing cover. Other styles may have slightly different features, so we recommend checking the product descriptions.

The Bebe au lait breastfeeding covers are a generously sized piece of fabric, meaning your front and sides will be covered while you’re feeding baby. Both bottom corners of the cover come with a terry cloth pocket  in which you can place things like a dummy or breast pads.  You can then use the terry cloth to wipe up baby after their feed in case they have any little hiccups or sicks. The pockets are located in each bottom corner of the nursing cover. This means that if you are feeding on the right side, your left hand can access a pocket, or if you are feeding on the left side, your right hand can access a pocket also. The cover has a adjustable neck strap so that you can adjust the height of it to what suits you best. What makes the Bebe au lait really special is the fact that they have a patented rigid neckline. There are a lot of breastfeeding covers on the market that have rigid necklines and we have assessed quite a few of them. We would consider the neckline of the Bebe au lait to be the best, because it doesn’t tend to collapse. The minute you set it up, the neckline is there and it holds it shape so that mum has easy viewing access to the baby, but no-one else can see what’s going on.

The Bebe au lait nursing covers fold up nice and flat, so you can pop them in your nappy bag or your hand bag. They are light and they don’t take up too much room. They are not a big bulky accessory for you to have to carry around with you. These breastfeeding covers are made from 100% cotton, making them light and breathable and meaning that neither mum or baby will get too hot. They are completely machine washable and are a great way to allow mum to feed confidently and privately in any setting. They are also available in a muslin fabric which is cooler and more breathable, making it a great option for our warm Aussie climate.

As previously mentioned, this style of breastfeeding cover only hides your sides and front. If you are worried about your back being exposed, you may want to consider a product like the Breastvest. You wear the Breastvest under your normal tops, but it still allows easy access to your nursing bra. That way you can feed baby, knowing that your midriff is completely covered.

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