Baby hand and feet moulds

Baby hand and feet moulds – a special way to create lifelong keepsakes

Baby hand and feet moulds has always seemed like a daunting idea to me. I could never quite reconcile a newborn baby (which more often than not is wriggling and certainly not at all ready to take instructions like ‘keep your hands and feet still!’) and plaster (which I had only ever known to make a mess).


However, baby hand and feet moulds are becoming more and more popular, and thanks to some great DIY kits now available on the Belly Art baby hand and feet moulds kitmarket, anyone willing to set aside a little bit of time, can create beautiful casts of their newborn baby’s hands and/or feet.

Seeing the desire of mums to explore their creative side, we have added the Bellyart baby hand and feet casting kit to our range. This kit comes with everything you require to create 4 casts, meaning you can do each of your little one’s hands and feet, or practice one or two first before completing the final cast. The kit also comes with a keepsake box and pink or blue tissue paper so that you can store or display your creation. Alternatively, you may like to try mounting your precious creations on a block of wood, paint them, or simply sit them on a mantle as is.

Baby casting kit hands and feetThe Bellyart baby hand and feet casting kit has been designed to make casting as easy as possible, with simple to read instructions and step by step illustrations. With no gluing, sanding, or major mess required. That means that now anyone can create beautiful and lasting keepsakes in the comfort and affordability of their own home.

To try your skills at baby hand and feet moulds, all you need is a baby, perhaps an extra set of hands (to help hold and cuddle baby), and the Bellyart baby hand and feet casting kit – you are then all set to go!


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