Pregnancy belly cast kit by belly art


With Belly Art’s plaster cast kit, you can create a plaster cast of your pregnancy body as a fun and lasting keepsake of your journey to motherhood.

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Product Description

Belly cast kit – a lasting memory of your body and baby

Making a belly cast is easy to do and takes only 30 minutes. This kit includes everything you’ll need to create a fabulous Belly Art memento. The Belly Art casting kit is completely safe, and a fun life-lasting experience for every mum-to-be. There is enough plaster in this kit to cover the largest single baby belly, however, if you are expecting twins, you may need to order an extra roll.

The Belly Casting kit includes only the highest quality materials and is the only kit currently available on the market which includes a bottle of gesso (primer). This is essential if you wish to paint your finished cast, as you cannot pain directly onto plaster. This gesso also acts as a sealer creating a smoother finished surface, should you decide to leave the cast as is.

What is included in the Belly Art kit?

  • 3 x rolls of plasterBelly Cast
  • 1 x jar of vaseline
  • 1 x jar (180ml) gesso primer
  • 1 flat paintbrush
  • Instruction booklet

What is a Belly Cast?

The name speaks for itself. A Belly Cast is a plaster case of a pregnant woman’s belly. The ideal time to cast your baby bump is sometime during your third trimester when your belly is big!

Why create a Belly Cast?

Belly Casting is a wonderful way to preserve the unique shape of your pregnant body in detail. You gain a personalised 3D memento of your pregnancy, which can be transformed into a unique piece of artwork.

What to do with my completed Belly Cast?

You can either leave your cast just the way it is, or, you may decide to decorate it. Decorating options include hand painting it, creating a collage of photos, decoupage, or even a mosaic. Let your imagination run wild.

What other things will I need before I begin my Belly Cast?

  • Protective clothing such as an apron or old shirt (for your trusty belly casting helper)
  • bucket or large bowl
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • drop sheet to protect the floor
  • plastic cling wrap
  • a comfortable chair with a back
  • old towel to cover the comfortable chair
  • newspaper to place the belly cast on once it is finished

Belly Art – keepsakes made with love!


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